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We use only the finest natural quinoa powders in our baby cereals. Our quinoa powder offers an amino acid balance second only to mother’s milk, providing high-quality complete protein that is essential for a lifetime of good health

Why WutsupBaby?

What is Quinoa?

Quinoa (pronounced “KEEN-wah”) is a hearty, flavorful seed that can be used just like a grain. Rich in nutrients and fiber, quinoa is complete protein that has been a staple in healthy diets around the world for hundreds of years.


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Baby sleeps better
Everytime my boy ate baby cereals, he had constipation. So I was looking for cereals that didnt say 45% iron which was hard to find. Before this brand I tried the other Quinoa cereal and was just okay. And luckily I found this and this did not create constipation or gas in my baby. It was gentle on his tummy. It doesnt taste bad either, has kinda nutty taste. It is gentle on his stomach and everytime he eats this, especially around dinner, he sleeps so well without an ounce of fussiness. No food had ever made him sleep better. The only downside is that it kinda clumps together which might be hard for younger babies to swallow.
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