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The Story

Welcome! We’re Kaiser & Sheryl, the husband-wife team behind WutsupBaby.


As 'thinking', health-focused parents, we understand how important it is to feel like every bite our baby takes is packed with nutrients - and quinoa is as nutritious as superfoods come! Yet as busy, travel-loving professionals we realize that there simply isn’t enough time to prepare home-cooked baby food every day. That’s why we started to look for a better, safer and calmer way to nourish infants while keeping up with our busy life demands.


So we began to research, fervently, until we uncovered the ideal process for maintaining maximum potency, and travel-ease without unnatural preservatives, artificial flavors & GMO’s. That’s why and how WutsupBaby Quinoa Cereal was born.




Say hello to healthful baby food for parents on the go: Wutsup, Baby!

WutsupBaby has a simple mission: to make high-quality on-the-go meals and snacks for parents with infants and toddlers. Created by a father and mother team with a toddler and baby on the way, WutsupBaby utilizes only the finest ingredients that you can feel good about giving to the ones you love the most.

Launched in 2010, WutsupBaby has four cereal mixes on the market, all of which leverage the nutritional power of quinoa. Just add milk, water or juice, and WutsupBaby cereals become a quick, nutrient-rich snack or meal you and your family can enjoy while you’re out and about.

Believing that good health is the greatest asset a person can have, and knowing he wanted to start a family, Kaiser set out to create baby food products that consumers could trust and fit into their busy lifestyles.

About US

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