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Every ounce of food your baby eats must empower nourishment and growth, so we cook your baby’s food to suit; beginning with the cleaning and escarification of the RAW quinoa grain, then mixing and crushing it into the most nutrient-rich pre-cooked quinoa flour before we drum-dehydrate it (no freeze-dried foods here), mill it and pulverize it, ensuring maximum nutrient absorption that won’t hurt sensitive tummies.




  • Praised & Recommended by nutritionists - Breastmilk like nutrition profile makes it the ideal first food.
  • Common allergen free & naturally safe quinoa baby cereal - Nourish without fear.
  • Pre-Biotic packed - Easiest for little tummys to digest & absorb.
  • Convenient, fast & versatile - Travel packs mean happier parents, happy babies at every stage.
  • From 4 months to 24+ months, you & your little one will love this quinoa baby food, guarenteed.   


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