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Every ounce of food your baby eats must empower nourishment and growth, so we cook your baby’s food to suit; beginning with the cleaning and escarification of the RAW quinoa grain, then mixing and crushing it into the most nutrient-rich pre-cooked quinoa flour before we drum-dehydrate it (no freeze-dried foods here), mill it and pulverize it, ensuring maximum nutrient absorption that won’t hurt sensitive tummies.




  • Praised & Recommended by nutritionists - Breastmilk like nutrition profile makes it the ideal first food.
  • Common allergen free & naturally safe quinoa baby cereal - Nourish without fear.
  • Pre-Biotic packed - Easiest for little tummys to digest & absorb.
  • Convenient, fast & versatile - Travel packs mean happier parents, happy babies at every stage.
  • From 4 months to 24+ months, you & your little one will love this quinoa baby food, guarenteed.   


Shipping & Returns
- Items usually ship within 5 business days
- You can return new and unused items within 45 days

6pk Organic Quinoa Cereal - WutsupBaby Quinoa Cereal Pouches, Kale&SwPo (8Count)

SKU: QC321145
$72.00 Regular Price
$69.00Sale Price

    Ingredients: Organic Instant Quinoa, Organic Kale powder, Organic Sweet Potato powder.


    Perfect Recipe for Every Stage

    Stage 1: 4-6 Months. Mix one packet with baby formula or breast milk.

    Stage 2: 12 months+. Mix one pouch with fruit or pasty foods.

    Stage 3: 24 months+ - Mix into their favorite solid foods and beverages.



    …or your money back.

    With a nutritional profile similar to breast milk, you know quinoa is a super food you should feed your baby on every outing, and we make it simple. Add it to your cart, try it risk free for 30 days, we guarantee you and baby will love it or your money back.

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